Hinge Shadowban – How to Tell You’re Shadowbanned & How to Fix It

A positive experience on a dating app like Hinge involves receiving matches, likes, comments, and engaging conversations. However, a negative experience may entail receiving no matches, no likes, encountering glitches, no conversations, and an overall lack of enjoyment. But what’s worse than being directly banned on Hinge? It’s being shadowbanned on the platform.

A Hinge shadowban occurs when the app makes a profile effectively passive, rendering it invisible to other users without directly removing it from the platform. Although Hinge has not officially addressed the issue of shadowbanning, instances of it have been reported.

So, how can you tell if you’ve been shadowbanned on Hinge? Here are six signs to look out for:

Signs You’re Shadowbanned on Hinge:

Abrupt Lack of Likes

If you notice a sudden drop in the number of likes and matches you receive on Hinge, especially if you used to get them regularly, it could be a strong indication of a shadowban. Your profile becomes virtually invisible to others, leading to a lack of interaction and engagement.

Reduced Notifications

When you’re shadowbanned on Hinge, you’ll receive significantly fewer notifications than usual. Likes, comments, and match notifications will become scarce or completely nonexistent, making your Hinge experience seem eerily quiet.

Invisible Account

If you feel like your Hinge account has become invisible and you’re not seeing much activity on the app, it’s a potential sign of a shadowban. You might not be shown to many profiles, and as a result, your opportunities for matches and likes diminish drastically.

Profiles Reappearing

An unmistakable sign of a Hinge shadowban is when you repeatedly encounter the same profiles, especially the ones you previously disliked or “X”-ed. This recurrence can be annoying and might make the app feel glitchy.

Few Profiles Shown

With a shadowban, Hinge may limit the number of profiles you see on a daily basis, making the app seem less populated and reducing your chances of finding new connections.

App Glitches

A Hinge shadowban can create an overall odd and unsatisfactory experience on the app. You might encounter various glitches or inconsistencies, further adding to the feeling that something is not right.

If you notice several of these signs aligning with your Hinge experience, it’s crucial to take action to address the shadowban and improve your chances of finding matches and engaging with others on the platform.

Now that you suspect a shadowban, how can you fix it? Here are some steps you can take:

Steps To Fix Shadowban on Hinge

Step 1 Make a Polite Appeal

If you suspect a shadowban on Hinge, one of the first steps you can take is to make a polite appeal to Hinge support. Reach out to them through email at [email protected], but avoid directly mentioning the term “shadowban.” Instead, focus on describing the issues you’re facing with the app in a clear and respectful manner. Request a review of your account to determine if there are any issues that can be addressed to improve your experience.

Step 2 Reinstall the App

An easy troubleshooting step to address potential glitches or technical issues is to delete the Hinge app from your device and reinstall it. This process will refresh the application and may resolve any temporary bugs or problems you were encountering. After reinstalling, monitor your Hinge activity to see if the issues persist or if your account becomes more active.

Step 3 Create a New Account

If the problems continue even after reinstalling the app, you may consider creating a new Hinge account with different information. Start by deleting your current account and then open a new one using slightly altered details. This could include using a different phone number or modifying your name. Be cautious not to violate Hinge’s terms of service during this process.

Step 4 Subscribe to a Premium Membership

Opting for a premium membership on Hinge can offer some additional insights into the issue you’re facing. While a premium membership provides benefits like unlimited likes and seeing who likes you, it may also give you a better sense of whether your account is genuinely experiencing a shadowban. If you encounter an error while trying to subscribe to the premium features, it might be a sign that your account is affected by a shadowban.

Keep in mind that while these steps can help you address potential shadowban issues, it’s essential to use dating apps responsibly and follow their guidelines to ensure a positive experience. If you find that your shadowban persists, or if you are uncertain about the cause of your issues on Hinge, don’t hesitate to reach out to their support for further assistance.


It’s essential to differentiate between a shadowban and a poorly presented profile. If you’ve never received any likes, comments, or matches since joining Hinge, it might be due to the way you’ve presented yourself on the app. In such cases, work on improving your profile, using high-quality pictures, writing engaging prompts, and crafting an appealing caption.

As for the reasons behind shadowbans on Hinge, they can serve multiple purposes, such as preventing users from attempting to create multiple accounts, giving time for potential bans, or encouraging users to subscribe to premium memberships.

In conclusion, a Hinge shadowban can be frustrating, but it’s not insurmountable. By following the steps above, you can address the issue and improve your dating app experience. Remember to use dating apps responsibly, and good luck finding meaningful connections on Hinge!

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