Why Women Must Avoid Flaking on Men in Online Dating

We get it. It’s just a first date and you have no commitment to the guy you met online. You make a plan to meet in person a week from now. A day before or even on the day of, you send him a text saying you cannot make it.

Avoid doing that at ALL COSTS. Doing so may land you on this site as it is rude and unacceptable. If a man did that, you’d either come here and post him or run to the Facebook group.

Girls, it’s this simple; Stop flaking on men you’ve committed to doing a date with – whether it’s two days away or a week away. If you make a plan, stick to it.

Online dating offers a world of possibilities for both men and women seeking meaningful connections. However, with this convenience comes the responsibility of maintaining respect, honesty, and reliability in the dating process. In this article, we will explore why women should prioritize being honest and consistent in their interactions with men, and how flaking can have unintended consequences, including being added to our Are We Dating The Same Person website.

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Reasons For Avoiding Flakiness at Men

Building Trust and Avoiding Misunderstandings

Honesty is the foundation of any successful relationship. When women consistently follow through on their plans, it fosters trust and transparency with the men they are dating. Flaking can lead to misunderstandings, leaving men questioning the sincerity of the connection and raising doubts about the woman’s intentions. By being reliable and communicative, women can reduce the chances of confusion and foster a more trustworthy dating environment.

Preserving Emotional Well-being

The emotional toll of flaking is not limited to men alone; it also affects women in the dating process. Constantly canceling or rescheduling plans can lead to heightened stress, guilt, and anxiety. Understanding the emotional impact of flaking can encourage women to prioritize clear communication and respect for the other person’s feelings, leading to healthier emotional well-being for all parties involved.

Being Respectful of Others’ Time

Time is a valuable resource, and both men and women deserve to have their time respected. Flaking on a date can be perceived as a lack of consideration for the other person’s schedule and effort invested in planning the encounter. By avoiding flakiness, women demonstrate respect for the time and effort men put into building a connection, creating a more balanced and considerate dating experience.

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Fostering Genuine Connections

Consistency and honesty pave the way for more authentic connections. When women are reliable and transparent in their interactions, it encourages men to reciprocate with the same level of sincerity. This mutual openness allows both parties to understand each other better, fostering the growth of genuine and lasting connections.

The “Are We Dating The Same Person” Dilemma

In the age of social media, online dating experiences can quickly become public knowledge. There are Facebook groups and forums where people share their dating stories, and men might add women who have flaked on them to these groups as a way to vent their frustrations. Being added to such groups can lead to negative judgments from others, impacting the woman’s reputation in the dating community.

Empathy and Communication

Empathy is a crucial aspect of healthy relationships. By putting themselves in the other person’s shoes, women can understand the impact of flaking on men and prioritize clear communication and honesty. Empathy fosters a culture of understanding and compassion, essential for navigating the complexities of modern dating.


Online dating presents an exciting opportunity to connect with potential partners from all walks of life. To make the most of this experience, women should prioritize honesty, consistency, and open communication in their interactions with men. By avoiding flaking, women can build trust, foster genuine connections, and preserve emotional well-being for both parties. Additionally, steering clear of flakiness can help women maintain a positive reputation in the online dating community, avoiding the discomfort of being added to public forums that discuss dating experiences. Ultimately, embracing honesty and respect can lead to more meaningful and fulfilling relationships in the realm of online dating.

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