Rick, 55

Worcester, Massachusetts, United States

Seeking Tea
Rick, 55 of Worcester, Massachusetts,  dating

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9 months ago

Worcester. He states he’s 50. He’s 55. States he’s a non smoker: he smokes. Says he has his baggage in check, no way. But he will convince you he does. I should’ve picked up on the flags but we all need refresher lessons at times. His family has severe drug usage and toxic traits. We dated for 8 months as things slowly came to fruition. No friends, never meeting family or adult children. Always came to my house. Has mouthwash in his car. Also no, I mean no intimacy beyond holding hands. I wanted to support him and work through his issues but he wasn’t willing and decided to just ghost. That’s just not cool at our age or any age. Be a mature adult.
Hindsight. Makes me question lots of things.


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