Rob, 48

Windsor, Ontario, Canada

Seeking Tea
Rob, 48 of Windsor, Ontario,  dating

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11 months ago

I tried to get something going with this guy and my gut told me something was off. However, I believed him when he said and continued to say that he wasn’t seeing or talking to anyone else. That proved to be a lie. He will make u think that he wants a relationship or that he is interested in you to potentially have a relationship. He will say all the right things to get you to fall for him then once he has his way with you, he will ghost you. If he does respond back to you, he is known for saying that he realizes that he can’t give u his whole heart. Or he may ghost you altogether. Some may end up in a situationship with him as he is a smooth talker, knows what to say and how to say it and knows exactly how much or how little to bread crumb just enough to keep it going at a bare minimal, not committed pace.This is a game to him as he keeps it in a let’s take it slower than slow, urtle race. His continual taking it slow thing is so that he can keep you on the side while he pursues others . At the same time, denying that he is doing so. His thinking is, since he is not committed, he does not consider himself to be lying to anyone, even though he is seeing others but denies this to be true when you ask him. In this regard, He also thinks it’s cool that he never committed to anyone. If u just want to have a good time, then he is definitely a lot of fun but it will be on his terms, when it is convenient for him only. Because he just happens to be the busiest person on the planet. Not capable of committment.


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