Ian, 36

Whitby, Ontario, Canada

Seeking Tea
Ian, 36 of Whitby, Ontario,  dating

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2 months ago

* Update Ian I know you can see this and Im not taking it down. Too bad that your life has been exposed and the lies are coming to light

Anyone with him?
I was with him on and off this past year and found out he has had a gf this whole time for 5 years.
This is just an informal post to anyone who is with him.

Update: two different women one for 8y anotherfor 5years then myself.He really is scum

1 month ago
Reply to  Anonymous

Smh unbelievable…it’s mind boggling with the amount of butt hurt chicks these days…he clearly wasn’t into you! get a life or a hobby and move on! fuk’n loser chicks losing sleep trying to get sympathy and advice from other loser online awdtsg broads who are complete strangers. MOVE ON or get psych help!
This is YOUR version of what happened…very 1 sided. i’m sure there’s much more to this story than what you’ve posted

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