Mike, 43

Vaughan, Ontario, Canada

Seeking Tea
Mike, 43 of Vaughan, Ontario,  dating

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1 year ago

This is Mike. Was with him for 4 years. Mike emotionally, financially, and physically abused me. Broke so many things that belonged to me and even him. Smashed my phone on an attempt to leave Dragged me down a set of stairs Damaged my rib cartilage Left bruises all over my body Broke the basement door over my head and I needed stitches Bit me on on arm and back so hard that it broke the skin Tried to strangle me on multiple occasions. But really bad the day I left. I found out toward the end of my relationship that I wasn’t the first, or even the second person who he was charged with assaulting, and that he had even been in programs for domestics to his another ex. Prior to meeting me. His parents condone it, as his father is also very verbally abuse and his mother just makes excuses for him and bails him out of everything. I am out and safe, for over a year now, but I wanted to warn any others if they happen to see him on dating sites (i recently was told a friend saw him on there) RUN! As fast as you can away from this man. He is so charming at first, does and says all the right things. Do. Not. Fall. For. It.


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