Taras, 34

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Seeking Tea
Taras, 34 of Vancouver, British Columbia,  dating

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  • Tinder
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1 year ago

Oh.my.gosh. I can’t believe I dodged such a massive bullet here!!! We matched on Tinder and started talking and I thought we hit it off so well! Like other ladies have mentioned, he asked how tall I am, and focused in on a facial feature that he constantly brought up (must be his m.o.) to the point where I asked if it was a fetish. We talked on the phone for 5 hours (at his insistence) one night…and it was wonderful. And he never got too sexual. 5 hours of pure getting to know you talk. I thought I had found “the one” ‍♀️‍♀️‍♀️‍♀️. We made plans to meet up. Then we had another 2 hour phone call a few days later which was also great UNTIL he abruptly hung up and ghosted me for the next couple weeks. I was so shocked and so confused that I was really worried about him at first. I kept sending him messages like “Are you alright? Did something happen? Did an emergency come up?” Eventually I stopped, but I was still worried. I even googled his name to find it if he dropped dead (yeah…I’m not used to players ‍♀️). I felt totally used. What was the point? Saw his profile again on tinder after I unmatched him. Stay away!

9 months ago
Reply to  Clare

So maybe you said something that didn’t sit well with him? You never even met him and your commenting on him here? I think there was a bullet dodged all right…..


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