Peter, 31

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Seeking Tea
Peter, 31 of Toronto, Ontario,  dating

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1 year ago

Claims he’s 6 feet. Def not 6 foot because I’m 5’9 and he was barely taller than me

1 year ago

I met this guy at Toybox a few months ago when I saw Drezo. My best friend was supposed to go with me but she got sick so I was like fuck it I wanna dance I’ll go alone. This guy noticed me as soon as I got there and he lingered with me all night saying “don’t worry I won’t hit on you I’m not like most guys” but then proceeded to hit on me all night? Lmao. He saw my engagement ring near the end of the night and finally took the hint. Idk much about him other than he occasionally does molly.


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