Steve, 33

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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Steve, 33 of Toronto, Ontario,  dating

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1 year ago

This guy keeps a detailed diary of all your flaws. He had months worth of journals about my physical appearance, my family (he claimed my family was ugly and wouldn’t be good genetically for his kids), my mental stability, my finances… ALL negatives. There were other girls in the diary as well.
When we broke up his dad called me and went on a 20 minute rant about how his son is a narcissist and never going to find a partner because he thinks he’s better than everyone and doesn’t accept people for who they are.
I was constantly criticized daily and I suffered mentally as a result. I wish I hadn’t stayed as long as I did.
Save your self esteem and mental health and stay far away!

I work remotely and used his desk set up in his condo for work one day when I was visiting while he went into his company office. There was a book of lined paper in the middle of his desk with his company logo on it and while I was in a meeting I needed to jot something down, so thinking that book was like “scrappy work paper” I grabbed it to make a note and to my surprise opened it to a journal entry and saw my name on the page a bunch of times… so naturally I read it. Definitely an invasion of privacy but he also left it out in the middle of the room and I would’ve never thought his company work book was disguised as a diary. And then of course it’s hard to stop reading once you start so I read the months worth of entries.
After I confronted him on it and all the dark criticisms in that book, not much really changed and it just became less private and more publicly and narcissistically vocalized to me.
I did stay a few months after discovering that when I shouldn’t have. But ya live and ya learn lol.


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