Steve, 43

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Seeking Tea
Steve, 43 of Toronto, Ontario,  dating

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1 year ago

Situationship master. Emotional abuser. Massive victim complex. Functioning alcoholic. Anger issues.
– Won’t actually be in an official relationship with you cause then he knows he has to disclose the relationship to his baby mama. Instead you’re his “best friend”
– But you still get brought around his kid so obviously you think you’re more serious since he wants to use that “best friend loophole” for you
– Brags about having slept with so many women he can’t keep count
– Like every narcissist, he’s got the sob story to embellish, gain your sympathy and pull you in – his fiancé who passed away
– His words say he’s not jealous, but his actions say otherwise if you have male friends
– At first, he seems like such a gentleman, doing and saying the right things. Then over time you realize he only does that stuff anymore when there are people around to see him being “such a good guy”
– Drinks a lot. Every night. He likes to do some other harder substances too sometimes
– If he doesn’t get his way, he storms off and has a temper tantrum. You can’t ever point out there might be a better idea than his
– Changes the story constantly to suit his needs and make himself look like a victim
– Takes no responsibility for his own decisions that turn out badly
– He’ll pick apart something he knows you’re insecure about, then say “I’m just playing!” when you’re upset
– He waits till he knows you a while, then he speaks badly about his baby mama constantly
– when you try to leave, he says “you’ll never find anyone better”
– When you leave, your friends are shocked to find out the version of him behind closed doors is so different from the one they saw
– Will use you for all your resources and act like he deserves the credit
– Short tempered, won’t communicate but expects you to be vulnerable
– Will use your insecurities against you
– selfish/terrible in bed


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