Craig, 40

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Seeking Tea
Craig, 40 of Toronto, Ontario,  dating

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1 year ago

Executive summary: love bomber, breadcrumber, and all about the chase just to keep you in his back pocket He’s massively tall, very charming and high energy. He shows you how much he loves his family and dotes on his nephews. Loves giving tons of compliments which unforunately I got sweeped up by. We met a few years ago and he totally love bombed me and telling me how great I was and how much he liked me. When I started to catch the feels he started to distance himself which meant I tried to move on. His love bombing then immediately pulling away really hurt me and he used that to continue to breadcrumb me along. Once he has you he will make tons of vague plans that he never follows up on just to lead you on. Only responds to your texts when it suits him – can take up to days/weeks.

He was once good at responding and making plans before I caught feelings. After I tried to end things he wanted to be “friends” and said he cares a lot about me, but only ever messages me when he’s bored or horny but ghosts when I try to reach out. Every couple of months he continues to pop up in my DM’s to breadcrumb and keep me in the back burner for the next two years until I finally had to block him. At the time he still wasn’t over his first ex of 7? years, even after decades of being apart and several girlfriends in between. Said they broke up because he chose his career over her and she got married shortly after their breakup to someone else. Seems very hung up about the life they could have had together. Talks big about being in therapy and how he’s healed so much but still treats other people like this.

Maybe he will treat you decent if he is really serious about you, but I would think twice about someone who is capable to treating others like this and knowing he has several women that he keeps on the back burner at all times. Even if he reads this post, he would not be able to identify who I am because there are countless other with the same experience as me


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