Jefferson, 32

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Seeking Tea
Jefferson, 32 of Toronto, Ontario,  dating

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10 months ago

His actual age is 33, lives in Toronto but travels across Canada for work. He frequents Vancouver, Calgary, NYC, Miami. This guy is a serial cheater and compulsive liar. He will love bomb you and flaunt his wealth and offer to fly you out to places. Found out he actually has multiple gfs in every city but he will act like he’s looking for a serious relationship and marriage. He is extremely narcissistic and gaslights you with anything you say. He promises you the world and is very good with his words but PLEASE don’t fall for them. Literally every single word that has come out of his mouth is a lie. He will never feel bad about anything and thinks he’s always right. Lastly he does not respect your boundaries and will force himself onto you even if you say NO to sex. He doesn’t use condoms and has passed around an STI to multiple girls. If you’re currently dating him please get tested!!


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