Joshua, 36

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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Joshua, 36 of Toronto, Ontario,  dating

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1 year ago

Today I saw a post talking about Josh and decided to post my experience with him but anonymously. I met him through a dating app and we started going out, everything was wonderful at first, he was super respectful, he treated me super well and he was super worried about me. The dream of the perfect man was in front of me, single, never married, no children, successful and a beautiful house. A month went by and the endless fights started, for no reason, if you ask me why I don’t know. He got into fights over nothing, told me that I was doing him harm for his mental health. He said he had to repeat the same thing 10 times so I could understand what he was saying. It made me think that I was the wrong one and that I didn’t know how to communicate well with him. My therapist and friends would tell me to get out and I would never listen to them because he was always trying to convince me that I was wrong. I also participated in his daily life, going to Costco, cleaning up his house, giving opinions on the things he wanted to buy for his house. We were always with his friends, we hung out and etc. In front of his friends he acted like he was a prince with me but when he turned his back the terror began. He would FaceTime me 3 times a day, we spent the weekends together, we would talk every day, he was always showing me that he wanted a relationship, but when I asked if we were dating he told me that was a weird question. When I stopped asking what we were and stopped wanting to see him, he began to suspect that I was seeing another guy, but I wasn’t, and he said that I was strange, that he wanted to feel wanted. These phrases of him were always repeated “I don’t want to feel not wanted and not listened to”. Always the same speeches and fights. For him I was always a “weird” “annoying” “weird” etc. My life was hell with him for months. I had moments of physical aggression, he had said bad words to me. Finally, after seeing that he had big problems I decided that I didn’t want this in my life anymore and I never spoke to him again, he is blocked from all my social media. It took me a while to get this done. But I managed to get out of this relationship that only hurt me.
I just want to share with you all what I’ve been through and I hope you don’t get into this with him or any man like that.

Michelle Patsiornik
Michelle Patsiornik
1 year ago
Reply to  Anonymous

Lol this guy will ask you if you’ve ever smoked weed before and then say that’s unacceptable for him and he needs to cancel the date. It’s possible he did this to get out of the date instead of him just flopping, he made it on me?? Any else get a date cancelled on them by him for this reason? It was quite bizarre. Well needless to say, if you’ve ever tried anything before, including weed, don’t waste your time


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