Tony, 46

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Seeking Tea
Tony, 46 of Toronto, Ontario,  dating

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1 year ago

We chatted thru dating app for a bit.
I disclosed my profession. Big mistake.
He googled my first name and profession, got my # and called me&nbspcomment image
I must’ve been in a bad place emotionally because normally that would be enough to make me run.
He sold it to me that he was willing to put in effort to reach/find/talk to me.
We chatted a couple times over phone. He seemed funny. Friendly. We planned to meet.
He got weird. I sensed spoiled, rich kid and was turned off.
I’d also been chatting with someone else that I felt more interested in.
I was leaving for vacation.
I cancelled on him the night before. He made that very difficult. Got angry. Wouldn’t take no for an answer.
I eventually just said I met someone else I’m more interested in. Good luck.
He lost it.
Texted rude messages.
Called repeatedly.
I didn’t answer.
He eventually called me from a ‘burner phone’ as he called it.
Told me off again and hung up. This went on a bit.
That was all early last summer.
During Xmas out of the blue I got a horrible message from him…from another burner phone. He’d seen my profile on an app again. He called me a piece of shit and said that I abandoned our connection that would’ve lasted. I’ll remind you that we NEVER EVEN MET!!!!
This one worried me because he’s resourceful and knew my name and profession. And seemed very off. And he has money to do what he wants to do.
Almost like he hates women.
He was tired of rejection.
Just consider yourself warned.
I’d literally fear for my life. He would know who posted this.


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