Lam, 36

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Seeking Tea
Lam, 36 of Toronto, Ontario,  dating

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10 months ago

I went on a few dates with Lam recently and on the third date I found out he was lying about his age. Turns out he’s not 29, he’s actually 36. Unfortunately he didn’t tell me until we were at his place watching tv and I accidentally pushed the Netflix button on the remote and it pulled up his account with the year he was born in his email. He admitted to lying and said he was eventually going to tell me but was hoping I would find out this way through the internet/ his phone. (For reference, I’m 24 so a 12 almost 13 yr age gap is big for me). His texting was pretty bad before but got worse after our third date and eventually led to him ghosting me. Another red flag was he wouldn’t show/let me follow his Instagram account and instead was trying to make me find it almost like a game which just raised more red flags.


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