Frank, 37

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Seeking Tea
Frank, 37 of Toronto, Ontario,  dating

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10 days ago

We dated for 8 months until this morning after I have found out he has been going behind my back to talk to girls and meeting them under the lie of meeting his friends or work. He definitely is a very respectable man and I have absolutely loved how secure he made me feel in our relationship despite it being long distance. I have met all of his family members and was sure we were building something concrete together, but it seems like that was an illusion I created in my head. He lies about small things and when confronted, gets mad at me for questioning him. I feel like I was manipulated during this relationship as his ex also called me after we’ve met to say he’s cheating on her, but he managed to convince me that she was crazy. I’m still not sure where the truth lies regarding that, but I think he cheated on her with me and now that things are not fun between us, he’s looking for his next victim. If you or your friend is talking to him, please be warned that he is a cheater, liar and manipulator. I won’t dissuade anyone from dating him as it’s their personal choice, but with this post, hopefully someone gains more clarity on him as a person.

10 days ago
Reply to  Anonymous

What you are saying is you were not good enough for him? He had fun with women that were able to give him what you couldn’t? SAD!


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