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1 month ago

My name is Ashley, and I’d like to share a story about Sami, also goes by Sam.

He’s an accountant from Toronto, and also has a property in Florida where he visits several times per year.

A friend of mine had a scary experience with this pathetic human, and I decided to share it here to bring awareness to anyone who comes in contact with him. Not only that, I’ll provide proof that this wasn’t a “one-off” incident and he really has a recurring pattern of harassing, manipulating, and gaslighting women.

Here’s the quick backstory:

They had a couple of public dates together, and when she expressed she wasn’t interested to pursue anything further, he went ballistic on her:

– Called her names, slut/whore just because she wasn’t interested in him
– Harassed her. After she blocked his phone number and all his accounts on social media she would get random unknown numbers calling her trying to get a hold of her
– He even insisted to come to her in person while she was at work to “talk it out” (thankfully, he never actually showed up in person as he knew what she did for a living, but didn’t know the exact address of her workplace)
– She had to threaten to file for a restraining order to make him go away.

She said he was the craziest person she’s ever dealt with in her life, out of any guy she’s ever met.

Now, here’s where it gets interesting….

His behaviour actually wasn’t a “one-off” incident in the slightest, and I can prove it.

Well, both me and her decided to join a Facebook Group called “Are We Dating The Same Guy? | Toronto / Mississauga”

We searched his name inside that group, and found DOZENS of women detailing their negative experiences with him as there was a post made about him a few months ago.

I have attached several screenshots to prove he was indeed posted on that group on several occasions.

I have copy and pasted some of the comments they have made about him and posted them here:

“I was hoping to never see this guys face ever again. He is the worst person i have ever met and i have a laundry list of abuse and manipulation he put me through! RED RED FLAG RUUUN! his words and actions have made me so insecure in relationships” – Member of “Are We Dating The Same Guy? | Toronto / Mississauga” Facebook Group

“Omg a friend of mine had a very bad and scary experience with this guy a few years ago!!!! Major red flag” – Member of “Are We Dating The Same Guy? | Toronto / Mississauga” Facebook Group

“Honestly nervous to comment this as this guys is actually crazy. He’s been stalking and harassing women around Toronto for years. He was banned from most nightclubs in the city back in 2016 for harassing female staff. He’s been posted on Facebook pages and “the dirty” for years before these groups existed. He’s unhinged and has dangerous vibes. Stay away. He used to go by “Sam Dg”.” – Member of “Are We Dating The Same Guy? | Toronto / Mississauga” Facebook Group

“He stalked and harassed me in 2016 after meeting him at a nightclub and getting my number from a male friend. I had to make a police complaint about him so luckily he hasn’t dared message me recently. My experience with him was terrifying. I deleted my comment from a recent post about him because he’s actually scary and my experience with him involves another women’s safety. But my boyfriend has supported me in saying something. This guy needs to go. So sad to hear your experience was similar to mine.” – Member of “Are We Dating The Same Guy? | Toronto / Mississauga” Facebook Group

“I swear I met this man at a club several years back. He was super pushy & texted me so many times after asking to take me out to dinner. I ended up googling his name (which I can’t remember his entire name for the LIFE of me) and a forum popped up with some other women’s stories. A lot of them had scary experiences with him. Honestly was waiting for him to pop up.” – Member of “Are We Dating The Same Guy? | Toronto / Mississauga” Facebook Group

There are many other screenshots similar to this.

If you’d like to “fact check” if any of these comments are real or actually about Sami, simply follow the steps:

Step 1) Join the Facebook Group “Are We Dating The Same Guy? | Toronto / Mississauga” (you can ONLY join if you’re a female, they do not allow men inside the group)
Step 2) Search his name in the bar “Sam” (he also goes by “Sami”)
Step 3) Find the posts made about him that match the screenshots provided, and read the comments about him. There are many more comments inside those threads than what I listed above.

If that’s not proof of his recurring pattern of lies, manipulation, and downright crazy behaviour, I don’t know what is.

Many men out there like Trevor Bauer or Johnny Depp had to deal with slander based on false accusations, and their reputation was RUINED based on lies of one crazy person.

However, this is more similar to the “Bill Cosby situation.”

If 20+ different women accuse you of something, there’s an EXTREMELY high likelihood it’s true.

I’ve provided the evidence, you can go ahead and do your own research on this insane person and decide for yourself if it’s true or not.



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