Julian, 28

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Seeking Tea
Julian, 28 of Toronto, Ontario,  dating

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11 months ago

This is my baby dad and he is allll red flags.

He’s probably out here telling some poor woman that I keep him from his daughter… He doesn’t provide for her whatsoever, has every excuse in the book to avoid committing to a box of diapers and misses any day/time arranged to see her. He is on supervised visitations only, for very good reasons which I won’t disclose on here.

He is so sweet when he needs something from you, and has the UGLIEST temper when he doesn’t get his way. Physical, emotional and verbal abuse. Currently there is a no contact in place.
Oh also a serial cheater!!! Speaks to multiple women while in a relationship. Was going around telling women that he supported me financial when that is FARRRRRRR from the actually truth. Was driving around MY car and telling women it was his.


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