Bryson, 31

Tampa, Florida, United States

Seeking Tea
Bryson, 31 of Tampa, Florida,  dating

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11 months ago

I met Bryson in 2017 when he still lived in Columbus Ohio. Bryson and I were friends, or so I thought. I agreed to hangout with him one night to watch movies. I made it clear to him, I did NOT want to have sex with him. He said that was fine he just wanted company. So I let him come to my place on October 7. Bryson forced himself onto me and raped me. I tried pushing him off of me and told him no and to stop numerous times but he didn’t listen. Bryson travels the country and preys on women. He has at least 15 other victims that I know of.
Please don’t come at me telling me to go to the police or giving me advice as that’s what happened in the Columbus group. I’m not here for advice or to be told what you all think I should do. I am here to warn you all as he has since moved to the Tampa area.
Also, please please please, do not go running to him and sharing my post with him as I don’t want any contact with him. He has already put me through hell with what he did to me, I don’t want him contacting me ever again as it will trigger my ptsd. I still get nightmares and I still can’t talk to or date men named Bryson. I can’t even be friends with men named Bryson.
If any of you women have been a victim of Bryson, and you want to reach out and talk, please feel free to reach out. I am thinking of trying to get a federal case going against him as he is a serial rapist and he needs taken off the streets.


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