David, 42

Seattle, Washington, United States

Seeking Tea
David, 42 of Seattle, Washington,  dating

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1 month ago

I know this man. He was or is a friend of the guy I just broke up with. He’s a body piercer and picks up his woman while piercing their genitals. He has a teenage daughter. He has a lot of problems.

2 months ago

Ok, so this person was cheating on me the entire time, he ended up confessing to me to try to get me mad, though I had a suspicion cause he had moments of anger towards me for no GD reason & constantly projected on me I was cheating on him, the usual shit narcissistic guilty people do. He talked so much crap about his ex of 8 years that we’re actually just on & off. She lived in LA, & come to find out he HAD to leave CA state due to run ins with the law & came to WA state to spread his disgusting agenda on other naive ladies. He also used me for an apartment cause he can’t get crap on his own, including cell service, car which he had me co-sign last minute and I of course helped cause I’m a caring person. Totally took advantage of me. Oh and he loves making girls insecure especially about their breast’s and will even offer to pay for enhancements. Is physically mean to animals and women Too. Like it goes on and on. Beware please.


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