Adam, 34

San Diego, California, United States

🏳️‍🌈 LGBTQ2S+
Seeking Tea
Adam, 34 of San Diego, California,  dating

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4 months ago

I know this man as well. I agree but need to add he’s a bit controlling in pace of relationship. He’s not emotionally communicative but knows how to use them. He can be passive aggressive. The first few months are wonderful, he feels so attentive and considerate but drilling down he’s not communication capable, he doesnt reciprocate unless he’s getting what he wants and will lead you on like he’ll change. He doesn’t. He’s definitely talk about you to others and online.

4 months ago

He’s comes across very progressive and sensitive at first, like a big feminist gamer guy. He’s screams about being a mental health advocate esp for his LGBTQIA community. How were after nearly a year talking and being intimate he’s got massive emotional work to do, he sits with a lot of anger and entitlement he doesn’t see in his actions. He very quickly flips on you with any hurt and is verbally and emotionally manipulative. He has parental trauma he needs to work out that shows up in every corner of a relationship.


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