Kiel, 45

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Seeking Tea
Kiel, 45 of Ottawa, Ontario,  dating

Spotted on these apps:

  • Bumble
  • Tinder
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11 months ago

He’s such a loo zer his name is. Kiel or Kyle or whatever.
Wham bam thank you mam and that was my experience 2013

11 months ago

Kiel.. He’s been on the apps for probably almost 10 years… I was chatting with him previously and very low effort. I think he just doesn’t know how to date. Met him once and he aimed straight for s3x. I also remember seeing him on the apps (and they tried to match me) with a girl he was with, looking for a third at one point (a couple years after we’d met). No judgment, just wasn’t my thing.


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