Peter, 32

Oshawa, Ontario, Canada

Seeking Tea
Peter, 32 of Oshawa, Ontario,  dating

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11 months ago

I’m sad to say I had a very similar experience. I am nervous about posting but if it will help someone avoid him and avoid the abuse, it is worth it.
We dated exclusively from Nov-Feb now I’m wondering if it was exclusive or not. I would love to know if anyone was talking to/seeing him during this time frame. He was emotionally and verbally abusive, manipulative, gaslighted, accused me of cheating, a full blown narcissist. I found out about his past and his future possible incarceration and I stupidly lent him money so he could avoid prison time again hence now he is on house arrest. He has not paid me back. I asked him to remove the picture of him with the backwards hat as that is in my living/dining room and he said he did. More lies!!!! Please avoid this man. You will experience nothing but heartbreak.

11 months ago

-Recovering addict
-Verbally abusive
-On house arrest for assault/ blinding someone
-Refused to return my prescription drugs after we split
-Accused me of cheating multiple times, beyond paranoia
-Sent multiple woman’s nude photos that he has slept with since.
– I could go on all day..
anyone else dealt with Peter??
Fml. RUN !!!

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