Chris, 38

Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada

Seeking Tea
Chris, 38 of Niagara Falls, Ontario,  dating

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10 months ago

Girl there is TONNES of comments on him go back to any Niagara Facebook group page is they still exist and type his name and you will see endless info.

10 months ago

Oh lord, here we go again… Red flags all over the place!!!
Was with him for 5 years. He cheated the entire relationship. Fake dating accounts, secret snapchat and IG accounts. I could literally go on for days. I’ve met most of the girls he was with through this page. Was also with others after we split and cheated on them too. Tried to get me back while with the poster. Invited us both to his work party. Lied and told me he was with his buddy from work while he slept in her bed.
Gas lighter. Abuser. Collectors calling. Told girls he owned MY cat, trailer, house, car, and paid for trips etc.
Liar. Manipulator. The list goes on…
He needs to be alone forever.


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