Daniel, 61

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, United States

Seeking Tea
Daniel , 61 of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina,  dating

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3 months ago

Can you please join a Facebook group called “CheatChat” and let females know in that group also! This is so important!

3 months ago

STAY AWAY! Habitual abuser! He will charm you then harm you! I have pictures of my bruises and abuse pictures from some of his other victims! Just google him! Daniel Robert Romagnolo Jr. AKA Danny Romo. Lots of mug shots! He’s got to face a jury for Criminal domestic violence charges spring of 2024 if he doesn’t get it continued.
He will lavish you in the beginning! Make you feel so adored and profess his love quickly and proclaim you are his only soulmate! He will tell you all about his money, all his houses all over the world, all the trips he’s going to take you on, his cars, his black belt, and his mafia ties. Bla bla bla! Allllll lies!! NEVER BELIEVE A WORD HE SAYS!! He has A car, An old condo, and loads of women that he’ll talk to and flirt with, (although some were fake; he literally had fake phone conversations all the time) and he has A TEMPER! And that’s it!! A pathological liar and textbook malignant narcissist!!! The picture in the cop shirt, he is NOT A COP, but he carries badges and pretends to be! RUN AS FAST YOU CAN! If you become involved with him, and when you try to leave, be prepared for him to first get emotionally abusive, he can turn on the BIG crocodile tears in an instant and threaten to kill himself and then you. He will isolate you from everyone you know, and he WILL get rid of your pet too, he will threaten to kill it or take it to a shelter and terrify your pet until you are guilted into rehoming it. He will try to control every part of your being until YOU don’t exist anymore. He will see you as his new personal appendage. He can’t exist without you and he’ll try and convince you that you certainly can’t exist without him. Then the physical begins, it will start with sleep deprivation, sexual deviance, hair pulling, then choking, punches, and kicking He will stop at nothing to do everything he can to completely destroy you, personally, financially, emotionally, and physically. He will also go after your family and your friends. He will make up the most horrendous stories about you and your loved ones and tell anyone willing to listen to his BS. He will threaten your children and harass anyone who has your back. He will make up so many fake profiles to trash you and post your secure financial information, Oh, and he will, without your consent, secretly take indecent photos and post those too. He is not something you survive that makes you stronger, you better already be strong or you won’t survive.


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