Larry, 33

Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

Seeking Tea
Larry, 33 of Mississauga, Ontario,  dating

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11 months ago

I matched with Larry in late Nov 2022 and for our first date, we went skating and had hot chocolate – very cute, I thought. Since then, we hung out weekly until in late December, when he suddenly had a problem with his phone and messaged me with a new number. Eventually, I ended things in February because he kept dodging my question about being exclusive + long-term and he became too busy with work/school/family. Even his goodbye message was very sweet – in which he ended with “If one day we meet again and we are both single and in good place, may we can try again”.
In April, I joined this group and saw a post of him dated Jan/Feb 2023 (this post no longer exists) – which said he has been cheating on his long-term gf…I felt terrible about not being able to catch this but also for the gf…I’ve ultimately contributed to him cheating. From what I’ve gathered, he was caught cheating in early December by his gf and blocked/deleted all the numbers of the girls he had. But then he proceeded to use his “work” phone to continue to talk to me (and potentially others). He said he was “busy on the weekends going home to take care of his dad – after a family emergency in December” – but in reality, he was going to his gf’s home. During the discussion, we also found out that he was continuing to lie, in addition to having blocked both of her phones (personal and work) on his second phone.
I’m writing this post because I sincerely hope none of you ever have to go through this experience. I have left other relevant details out, but I think everyone gets the point. I feel very stupid for not being able to see…for contributing to his act of cheating…and for my inability to fully move on even to this day. I’m really grateful for this group and everyone looking out for each other. I’ve tried therapy and am spending more time with friends…but if anyone has any advice that can help me get over this experience, I would truly appreciate it.


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