Liam, 32

Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

Seeking Tea
Liam, 32 of Mississauga, Ontario,  dating

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1 year ago

I was with him 2 weeks ago. He’s fresh out of a relationship and looking for hook ups. First time he ever called me he kept telling me how horny he was which was weird. We hung out and he sat there on an hour rant justifying cheating. In his views because he makes money it’s your job to keep him happy. You can’t come to him with your problems but you need to listen to his. You can’t nag him or bore him. If you do anything to bother or upset him he’s allowed to cheat on you. And you must take him back and forgive him and get over it because you made him unhappy so it was ok for him to cheat. And if you make him unhappy ever again he’ll keep cheating until you make him happy because it’s your job as a woman to keep him happy and if you don’t it’s all your fault
But the profile I know him from it said he was 29 and he lives in Dundas


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