Shawn, 38

Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

Seeking Tea
Shawn, 38 of Mississauga, Ontario,  dating

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1 year ago

Things have been amazing no red flags.. till this weekend. Last weekend we were to meet his daughter was away normally has on weekends. Had car toubles. Its whatever i understood life happens. This weekend we were to meet…. he went ghosty im like tf i get u with ur daughter but whats good bro n hes like im just with my daughter im like k cool this was friday. Saturday i msg nothing….. today the day we gon meet n im thinkin im not hangin with someone ghostinf me. So i googled his name did some searching n bammmmmmmm i find a in a relationship with some next chick in sarnia who hes obv with this weekend. I jus wanna warn anyone hes sooooooo sly bro i legit have my guard up soooo high from my ex n this one was the first i slightly let it down for… hes playing me n whomever else so he needs to be on blast. Msged his gf sent him a screenshot of him n his womans relationship status ima put u on blassssssssssst son lol. End of rant


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