Cory, 37

Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

Seeking Tea
Cory, 37 of Mississauga, Ontario,  dating

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1 year ago

I went out with him and it was whatever. After our date he unmatched me and would then like my pic to match again. I matched with him again and said don’t you remember me to which he asked about my friend in one my pics and when I said she was taken he unmatched me. Since then he keeps trying to match me – literally 5 mins ago he popped up- I matched back and asked him to stop liking me and it’s border line harassment at this point.

Ive known Cory for a few years. I would agree that he just pops in and out and is really only interested in hook ups. Very surface level conversations and no motivation for actual dates. Didn’t want to date me because he prefers women with a “softer” personality. Recently popped up in my dms after 2 years of not talking because I posted a hot pic. Asked if I was interested in dating. I declined lol

I’ve known Cory for a few years. He’s currently blocked in my phone as he likes to pop up every now and then and it became tiring and redundant. In my experience, he is only looking to hook up. Even his own friends once told me to run from him. I found him at times to be egotistical and very flakey with plans. If it’s a relationship you’re looking for, and you decide to proceed, I would say do so with caution.

Matched with this guy in the summer and he asked for my number to make plans… he never made plans. Our conversations were surface level and he hardly wrote more than one word answers. I stopped texting him and he msgd me like a week later trying to connect again. Meh


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