Eddie, 42

Miami, Florida, United States

Seeking Tea
Eddie, 42 of Miami, Florida,  dating

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1 year ago

Eddie is currently going through a divorce and is rather open about it. He will lovebomb you, gaslight you and tell you everything you want to hear. Call and FaceTime you all day long. Had in depth conversations about being exclusive and only talking to each other while he was still on dating apps (he said they would be deleted) and adding women on social media the entire time. When I would get a feeling that something would be off he would call and text 100 times, send me photos of himself crying and try to pull me back in. Very controlling and constantly bragging about how successful he is. When I called him out on his lies and behaviors he did nothing but turn things around onto me. I feel emotionally and mentally drained in such a short time over this situation and simply want to warn other women since he is newly single and actively on dating sites.


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