Alex, 37

Markham, Ontario, Canada

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Alex, 37 of Markham, Ontario,  dating

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1 year ago

So upset…we talked for a few weeks before meeting. We had so much in common and got along well. We met last week and now he’s playing the blame game and accusing me of making his week “traumatic.”

– First date: took me to a park at 8:30pm. Not even a drink. Made me come to his area and said he would drive me home downtown after. Near the end, he was already touching my body everywhere, but I was (stupidly) ok with it as I thought the connection was great.

– Second date: just wanted to chill at his place. I ordered takeout for myself because I didn’t eat. The night was fine, but he rushed sex before we could get to know each other more. He got me into it, but I wasn’t comfortable with his style and told him to slow down. He got annoyed and said we are sexually incompatible. He also got annoyed when he asked, after sex, if I got sti tested before coming. I said no, but I know I’m fine. But, he didn’t even use a condom! (He had told me earlier he was fine). And he still expected me to spend the night, because he didn’t want to drive. I said no, told him to drive me home, he got annoyed again, but he did. Then he accused me of being rude and “leaving” after sex.
I tried to tell him that I believe we are compatible but for the sex, I just needed more time to get used to him and to know him more, but he wouldn’t talk about it.

A few days later I texted and apologized for how everything turned out and asked if we could talk. He didn’t want to. I told him I still believe we can talk and work through the “sexual incompatibility.” I told him I felt bad and was crying and he accused me of being “too emotional.” So…I made his week traumatic.

1 year ago
Reply to  Anonymous

This man is 36!? His behavior is absolutely embarassing. Im sorry you even had to experience that you had no reason to say sorry he should be the one saying sorry . Explaining to a man what feels good or not during sex is totally okay. Seems as if he got all offended maybe a womens never told him to slow down etc. Hes so worried about you being sti tested before showing up yet he had no problem not wearing a condom. This is a him problem not you! I hope your okay


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