RJ, 60

Los Angeles, California, United States

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RJ, 60 of Los Angeles, California,  dating

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11 months ago

I was seeing this guy for over a year. His name is RJ. He’s a barber from Santa Ana.
We were seeing each other back in 2020 & 2021.
He was great initially, then mid 2021 it was his birthday. Stupidly I spoiled him. Spent thousands on him .. designer gifts ,rented him a Porsche for the weekend , took him out to eat in nice restaurants all weekend and paid.. I was struggling with my mental health at the time and was very vulnerable. He decided to capitalize on that and started asking me for money like $3000 and amounts around that and asked a few times, I said no I’m not doing it. He asked me to buy him designer bags etc I said no. What I gave him for his birthday was from me and I’m not taking requests. Well when he couldn’t get what he wanted he started to act very different. Things ended between us , badly! He gave me a std and I found out I was also pregnant by him. He told me to take care of it cause he doesn’t want me or a child. I did “take care of it “ but the whole thing was so traumatic to me and I was very hurt. I blocked him and I guess he got a new ig. I deleted his number before I could block him on WhatsApp.
Fast forward to a couple weeks ago. He messaged me on WhatsApp.. we hadn’t spoke in 2 years! we were chatting friendly, ironed out what happened and apologized. I had no intention of rekindling anything just was nice to not hold the hate anymore. He wished me a happy mothers day ..then a few days later was sending me funny videos on ig. I kept it brief with my response. Then came a message from him another couple days later asking if we could make an arrangement between us and I pay him an allowance in exchange for him!!
I said absolutely not and once again. He switched up who he was and how he was acting.
He is incapable of change and a professional bum!! Stay well away ladies. He is a head ache. What Iv wrote is minor , I could write a book on him!!

11 months ago
Reply to  Anonymous

This was so painful to read, sounds like you were VERY good to him and I’m so sorry you went through this.


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