Danny, 41

Los Angeles, California, United States

Seeking Tea
Danny, 41 of Los Angeles, California,  dating

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1 year ago

I had been talking to Danny S. (later found out it’s Dani) from Bumble for about two months. He said he’s been divorced for 3-4 yrs and has a 9 yr old daughter who he sees on Sunday, and that he and ex coparent very well—though he got divorced because he and his ex were “so miserable” together. We went on four dates in LA. He lives in La Verne but works in LA so we would meet after work and last Sunday evening he came from La Verne to see me. Things were going really well and he seemed like a great guy and we got close and talk a lot almost daily. But I started getting suspicious that we would only talk in IG voice calls and only on his way to and from work and while at work (“there’s bad phone signal in La Verne”), and once he got home it was only texts to say good night. He said he lives w his parents and is looking for a long term relationship. Monday night after talking to him I got a bad gut feeling thinking about how Saturday nights after work he would always say he was w his cousins and not really answer calls/msgs. Well, I started googling him (should’ve done this sooner) and found out he has a wife and two children who live at home w him. I found his wife’s IG and FB pages w what seemed recent pictures of them and the children, and a TikTok page w a bunch of recent videos and pictures of them at home and out and about.
On Tuesday morning I confronted him about the wife and about denying his children and he continued to lie. He asked to see me to explain, but I told him to I didn’t feel safe meeting and to explain to me on text. He replied that “it’s complicated” and that anything he says now I’ll see it as a lie. That we “moved too fast” and that it was too soon to share “personal” things w me. I said the only personal thing I would’ve liked him to share was that he is married, and lives w his wife and two children at home. He seemed like such a great and honest guy! Honestly, I feel bad for wife and kids more than I do for me because I got out of that mess on time! But he’s still on Bumble so I wanted to warn others.


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