Kyle, 35

Los Angeles, California, United States

Seeking Tea
Kyle, 35 of Los Angeles, California,  dating

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1 year ago

When we had our 1st date, he was actually super sweet. There were definite red flags early on and I knew I never wanted to actually be in a relationship with him.
6 dates in, I started catching feels and I was just curious where his head was at. We never had a “what are you looking for” talk. I ended up having to leave him a voicenote because he got weird about meeting up to talk.
I asked what he’s looking for, if he’s dating other people, where he thinks we stand… you know, a normal conversation.
He replied 12 hrs later and let me tell you… he did not disappoint.
“I’m texting you because it’s really bugging me.. you’ve been on my mind all day and not in a good way. All I was thinking about is how I was going to answer you in the best, nicest way that it was affecting my work and even making my dinner right now that I burnt my steak and made a mess with the beans I was making. So I feel like I have to reply in order to feel somewhat better.”
So… let’s think about this. He’s blaming me for having a bad day and burning his food.
I was like… “in a bad way?”
He sent me a NOVEL but here’s just a taste…
“We are just friends. And I’m sorry you thought different. Either we are in a relationship or we are just friends. Nothing in between. Friends can lead to a relationship but there’s no middle man. You are putting your insecurities on me and making it my fault that you feel this way and it’s not my fault at all. This what my ex did. A guy doesn’t want to come home to someone adding their problems to his. That’s makes his life more difficult. She is suppose to make the guy feel better by not bringing up their problems or other drama. It hasn’t even been a month and this is happening is not a good sign at all. I enjoy hanging with you but I feel like I can’t meet your demands. To much. I need someone who’s low key and doesn’t ask for pretty much anything other than hanging out with only but happiness and good energy.”
Ummmmm………… what?
We stopped talking after that text encounter. He claimed his ex wife was a huge narcissist but it turns out he was. And wow… can’t believe I ruined his beans and steak.


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