Jay (Justin), 35

Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Seeking Tea
Jay (Justin), 35 of Hamilton, Ontario,  dating

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1 year ago

I’ve had my own scary experience with him, thankfully it was only one date because he scared and absolute shit out of (and bruised) me within maaaaaybe 3 hrs max. I went to HS with him and had a crush then so was curious/excited about meeting him when we matched on the apps a couple yrs ago. This is so scary to see,

1 year ago

I want to Warn other women about this dangerous person.
He seems very charming at first, but don’t let that fool you. Justin is a certified narcissist and will start to love bomb you in the beginning, then will slowly tear you down emotionally and mentally with misogynistic comments and accuse you of lying in anyway possible.
The abuse eventually gets worse where he will push you and grab you. I have many bruises all over my body from the abusive behaviour.
This man is very spiteful and malicious, please stay away from him.


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