Chris, 34

Grimsby, Ontario, Canada

Seeking Tea
Chris, 34 of Grimsby, Ontario,  dating

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1 year ago

Know for a fact he is NOT the catch everyone thinks he is. Great friend but as a partner has a lot of things he needs to work on. He seems very put together and wonderful for the first few months of seeing someone and then lets allllll his insecurities and issues fly wild. Can be very emotionally manipulative and make you feel guilty when you bring up an issue and spins it so whatever it was is “your fault” and not his. If you don’t feel like being intimate with him he doesn’t take no for an answer the first time and when you stand your ground about it he immediately gets offended and pouts accusing you of not loving him and/or being attracted to him. Has great potential but isn’t willing to work on his issues to better himself for his partner. Recently divorced and voices how much trauma his ex put him through and then puts all of that trauma right back onto his new partner. Be cautious!


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