Tim, 60

Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States

Seeking Tea
Tim, 60 of Fort Lauderdale, Florida,  dating

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9 months ago

Works for a sports team in Florida
Over the years has used profile names such as: Trey, Porter, German, or James on various websites-the kinkier the site, the better. Sometimes, he’ll remain hidden until he makes contact with you.
He is fully married and not legally separated although he will try to tell you he is separated or divorce.
He is also interested in men from massages to escorts.
He loves (sexual) massages and tugs and will seek them out locally or while on the road.
He lives a double life and has been doing this for many, many years. It’s an addiction and he cannot stop.
He cannot be monogamous and will also look even if at times he doesn’t touch.
You will get burned because he is reckless and will not hesitate to put your life and health at risk.


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