Daniel, 31

Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada

Seeking Tea
Daniel, 31 of Etobicoke, Ontario,  dating

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1 year ago

Dated him for three years, narcissistic, compulsive liar, physically abusive , has physically abused me more than 3 times, kicked me put of his house in my underwear while I’m living there , took all of the money put of my wallet , knocked me up and claims the baby isn’t his.(absofuckinglutely is) I have an abortion , and the entire time he berrades me with insults , constantly will break up and get back together with me , while cheating on me consistently with his nasty ex gf through out the entire relationship. Today he kicked me out of his house at 7 in the morning because I went to a concert with a male friend , then continued to text my mother and talk negatively about me to her. He’s made me lose more than 2 jobs, also has stolen from me. he’s charming and amazing to talk to, pretty wealthy and stylish. Don’t let this fool you. You will absolutely ruin your life. Also not to mention he tried to turn me into a prostitute! Tried really hard to convince me it was the right thing to do, love is grand isn’t it?


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