Brandon, 33

Denver, Colorado, United States

Seeking Tea
Brandon, 33 of Denver, Colorado,  dating

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6 months ago

Lies about giving orgasm. He says he visits Colorado regularly. We have an adult convo about equal pleasure sharing beforehand, what pleasure is. He shows up wanting no condom used and saying he hasn’t been tested in a couple years but just trusts what his sexual partners say. Doesn’t seem to have basic std knowledge either. He pressures me to give oral with no protection, after I had already said no. I don’t. He orgasms alone with no comms to me, in about 5-10 minutes, without offering continued pleasure after. Had he simply spoke up during, I could have chose my positions and lead to pleasure. After, he said he knew what he was doing all along. Don’t let men inside you that can’t use their mouth first for your orgasm. And there’s no way to communicate enough when speaking with a liar. Casual is a trap to be used. If I ever try again I’m getting a written contract with money on the line for a civil case. It felt like grape after. It’s exactly using my body. He didn’t at all treat me like a human. It’s grape when they pull a condom off, it’s grape when they knowingly expose you to certain stds. It felt like grape that he went against our explicit agreement. Because I absolutely would not have had sex with him had he not lied about who he was, his values and intentions. I told him beforehand about me not seeking casual because of poor probabilities of pleasure and non prioritizing of female pleasure and that I wanted to confirm he would prioritize if I was going to go forward. He affirmed all and answered open ended questions. I never tried casual again and was traumatized enough I haven’t been in relationship for a year. Too many liars. Oh and he just chokes you without asking or checking. I consider him a dehumanizer as he used me as an object, and overtly went against our shared human agreement for co play. He made me an unpaid worker, he made me a sex slave by not even giving a solid 20 minutes or communicating space for me. He didn’t intend to share pleasure. He intended to not follow his own words. It’s one thing to not get orgasm if you just jump into it without such talk. It’s another to try so hard to systematically explicitly communicate for equitable pleasure and get affirmed over and over to so quickly be treated as less than worthy of the same. And I’m not a repressed body, I’m not difficult or long to orgasm. Men would go mad if they were left hanging so much in bed. I find Brandon’s actions shameful. And I’m mostly against shame. Except when it comes to abuse and dehumanization. I don’t have to dehumanize, he’s human but he’s a low low human. Who can’t empathize enough with a woman to follow his words, let alone be enthused and passionate to be a decent lover. Don’t trust men that aren’t overt in their give. I gave benefit of the doubt for yellow flags that probably should have read red. They’re humans to us, we’re objects to them

6 months ago
Reply to  Anonymous

Girl, you sound psychotic, you posted this guy 5 times. You embarrass our gender with your vengeful hysteria. Hope this guy sees this, posts YOU on here and rightfully shames you.

Last edited 6 months ago by Anonymous


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