Scott, 63

Corpus Christi, Texas, United States

Seeking Tea
Scott , 63 of Corpus Christi, Texas,  dating

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2 months ago

He’s a narcissistic sociopath. He cheats on every girl he’s with. He’s a sex addict and is perverse. He will play on your sympathies to lure you in for sex, and then proceed to stalk you incessantly. He has threatened women who turn him down or who are not interested.

2 months ago

I have been living with him as his partner for 6 years. I have discovered that he’s active on several dating sites. I have seen messages in which he has made threats and been verbally abusive to women who turn him down. He has admitted to cheating with two women from Facebook dating in the last two months. Both ladies have blocked him. Red flag alert.


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