JP, 28

Columbus, Ohio, United States

Seeking Tea
JP, 28 of Columbus, Ohio,  dating

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5 months ago

I dated JP for a bit and everything was amazing at first. He was so sweet, smart, and kind. Throughout our conversations, it became clear that he holds homophobic, sexist, antisemetic, and pro-pedophilia views. He is smooth in the way he explains himself for having these views and you might think oh he doesn’t actually think gay people/women/jewish people are less than. wrong. he absolutely does. He also strongly believes that men are inherently attracted to young girls because of biology and thinks people who fight against pedophilia are stupid. Towards the end, I began noticing how much he had been gaslighting me. So much so that I was questioning myself and if I was the one in the wrong. I called him out for the gaslighting and he broke up with me. I had previously shared my experience with domestic violence with him and at the time, he made me question if it was my fault. Knowing my experience, he continued along manipulating me. During our last weekend together, we had sex multiple times and then he broke up with me a day later. It’s very clear to me now that he genuinely believes he is better than most, typical narcissist behavior. Oh and he had very very strong opinions about “cancel culture” and the MeToo movement. I can see now that it’s because he was terrified to get called out himself. So here I am calling him out.


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