William, 34

Columbus, Georgia, United States

Seeking Tea
William, 34 of Columbus, Georgia,  dating

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5 months ago

If you are dating this man, stop immediately.

He’s crawling with STDs he picked up from a cheap hooker while stationed in Hawaii- both the herpes and is also a carrier for HPV. He’s given it knowingly to his ex wife, and three other girlfriends. That doesn’t even cover the one night stands- he loves the bars and is a raging, violent alcoholic. As soon as one woman figures him out, he’s got 3 more on retainer.

He also likes to lock them down with babies, be careful of condom mishaps. You don’t want to be going through what the ex wife is, trust me. Two kids isn’t enough for him to not man up and be responsible for, don’t help him make it 3.

Wrap it up, stay STD free and don’t take no for an answer! If you’ve already had sex, get checked out immediately.

He is a compulsive liar, and for all the women he pulls he is a woman hater. He’s aggressive, a porn addict, likes prostitutes, and WILL get violent and lay hands on you if alcohol is involved and if you “have a mouth on you”. If he’s sober, which is rare, he likes to psychologically abuse the women he’s with and is a master manipulator.

He LOVES long distance relationships as he is masterful with words while behind a screen.he’s got multiple profiles, usernames, emails, phone numbers- he thinks he’s smarter than everyone. He could be your ex, but still string you along for years by convincing you new relationships you’re in are toxic. All while doing the same thing to other women at the same time.

Do not send nudes, he likes to share them with fellow military personnel and post them as revenge porn. If he can, he will use their release to others as leverage to get his way.

Stay clear, stay safe, stay away from him!


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