Aaron, 38

Columbia, South Carolina, United States

Seeking Tea
Aaron, 38 of Columbia, South Carolina,  dating

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2 months ago

He ia a narcissist. Known to stalk and harrass women. He has a perment restraining order against him for stalking and harrassing. He is now doing the samething to his current ex. He tries to play the victim. He will tell you that every ex is crazy and don’t believe what people tell you about him. He will tell you that his exes all cheated on him, abused him, etc…, but he is the one that did all that to them. He can’t hold a job and he has been to rehab multiple times. He still drinks. If he is caught in his lies he will try to gaslight you into believing he is telling the truth. Beware of him since every ex has ended up in therapy and has called the cops on him. Randum women have called the police on him too for stalking and harrassing them.

5 months ago

He seems nice at first but then the lies come out. Found out he has been in relationship with another girl. He has multiple arrests from 2009 to 2023. Including a permanent restraining order and child endangerment charge. Multiple evictions. People have came out and said his an alcoholic and abused drugs and hold a job. He also was abusive in his last relationship. So I am worried about the girl he is seeing now.


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