Zach, 31

Clearwater, Florida, United States

Seeking Tea
Zach, 31 of Clearwater, Florida,  dating

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1 year ago

More pics.

1 year ago

I don’t understand the psych behind ghosting right before a date.. why not cancel? We matched and talked for a few days before exchanging numbers. I travel for work so was out of town until today when we planned to meet.. so we chatted all week via text too. I let him lead everything. He was just looking for fun— I even was aligned with that at this time in my life. I logged the love bombing and love bombed him back… fun, right?! Anyways.. the real fun never came…
Ghosted 20 min before the date. Blocked my phone.. noticed a text didn’t say ‘delivered’.. Oh he had already “deleted” Tinder a day or two ago.. which I asked directly if he deleted me or tinder when I noticed.


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