Chris, 38

Cincinnati, Ohio, United States

Growing Tea
Chris, 38 of Cincinnati, Ohio,  dating

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3 months ago

Probably stole that hat. Neck tattoos = murderer.

3 months ago

Yeah, whatever Chris. Last time was the last time. We are no longer going to courtesy giggle when you mention your husband being rude, uncaring or playing stupid when it comes to caring about you. It’s not cute or funny anymore. Never really was, but the world does now have enough men in it that actually do give a shit about their lady that it isn’t cute.

Oh, your phone code is your anniversary so your husband can never get into it? Barf.

Your man got you some gas station candy for your birthday last second because he forgot? Pass.

He finally stopped treating you like shit for a minute? No gold stars for you.

Oh, he has had you prepare your own birthdays for years in a row? And that’s cute…how?

We’re no longer in an era where we have to fake a laugh/smile as if it doesn’t hurt us when we are treated like garbage. These things we pass off as “silly men, they dumb” are unacceptable. We should only accept people who give us the kind of treatment we offer them.

3 months ago

Chris seemed nice at first, but once the relationship became “official”, he did a 180. He insisted on talking every, single, day on the phone or in person for at least an hour. Even if we saw each other the day before. Got upset when I didn’t text back within 10 minutes, even when I was asleep. Claimed to be worldly, but had never been on a plane or outside of the midwest. Wanted to have sex, even when I was intoxicated. Got pouty like a toddler when I said no to literally anything. Probably an alcoholic, just hasn’t hit his rock bottom.

Told me the previous girl he dated. He dumped her because she had her tubes tied BEFORE they started dating. Claims he didn’t want kids when we got together, but I guess he changed his mind every six months. And six months was his longest relationship before we dated. We lasted barely eight months.

After we broke up, ran into my roommate and asked about me. Mind you, this was almost a year after we were no longer together. He wanted to know if I would be interested in a NSA hook-up arrangement.

He’s an intense person with no “off” switch. If you like any amount of privacy or alone time, he’ll gaslight you into thinking you don’t care about him at all. Beware ladies!


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