Jason, 43

Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canada

Seeking Tea
Jason, 43 of Chilliwack, British Columbia,  dating

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11 months ago

Lies about his age and almost everything else in life.
He will use his brain tumour/surgery as an excuse. He is currently waiting on his final sentencing date after being found guilty in BC Supreme Court for assault x 2.
I am the only victim who came forward to the police but know I’m not the only one he has assaulted.
Narcissist, gas lighter, cheater, liar. All of his friends praise him but they’ve never seen him behind closed doors/dated him.
If you do find him on CSO, it appears the K file ended. This is because it was changed from provincial to supreme. Again he has been proven guilty in Supreme Court but they have yet to officially sentence him (it’s been just shy of a year this his last court appearance:()

11 months ago
Reply to  Anonymous

 I can support this. The whole family are short fused, violent, vile people. Jason is no different.


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