Pete, 44

Brattleboro, Vermont, United States

Seeking Tea
Pete, 44 of Brattleboro, Vermont,  dating

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5 months ago

A month into dating he told me he’d never cheated on a partner in his life. Four months later he gave me herpes and leaned into the “no one every really knows who gives it to who,” angle which is often true. But I get tested and actually have never cheated on a partner. About two years in he told me he thinks he got it from one ex cuz and when I wanted to talk about it more he became irate and then wouldn’t speak to me most of the next day. I ended up dating him for four years. Come to find out he cheated on me the whole time and cheated on every woman he’s ever dated. The relationship slowly became emotionally abusive; gaslighting, paranoia and stonewalling mostly. I left that relationship wrecked and haven’t been with anyone for the last five years. His emotional abuse plus the betrayal devastated me.
He broke up with me via text two weeks after I flew across country to support him while his mom died…
I have only just began to feel human again after much therapy, and community support.


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