Michael, 36

Brampton, Ontario, Canada

Seeking Tea
Michael, 36 of Brampton, Ontario,  dating

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1 year ago

This guy is posted all over the Are We Dating The Same Guy groups in the GTA.

He is so delusional that he truly believes his lies. He needs someone strong who will look after him financially because he spends all his money on booze and weed. But he can’t keep a strong woman because the truth unravels and strong woman won’t put up with it all. It’s a definite vicious struggle for him.

1 year ago

Narcacist, GasLighter, Mentally Abusive, Player, Serial Cheater, manipulator, user, broke, doesn’t support his 2 children (2 diff mamas), delusional He had me completely fooled and believed he was 100% my sole mate and perfect partner — until the morning after our wedding when everything started to unravel. More than willing to give any additional info if requested. He has profiles on every single potential dating /sex/hookup/kink site out there


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