Grant, 31

Bradenton, Florida, United States

Seeking Tea
Grant, 31 of Bradenton, Florida,  dating

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9 days ago

I dated this guy for 6 months even though there were many red flags from the beginning. He is an ex marine with severe anger issues, severed PTSD, alcoholism, addicted to hard drugs and hid it from me for a long time. He has physically, verbally, mentally, & emotionally abused me esp. when drinking because he cannot control his alcohol intake. I stayed in contact because he tells me he is suicidal daily, to the point where he has placed his loaded pistol in his mouth in front of me more than once. He got me pregnant knowing I was not on birth control & absolutely DID NOT ALLOW HIM TO “FINISH INSIDE ME” I had no medical insurance at the time & am completely against having children & he did whatever he wanted.

9 days ago

Very dangerous, please do not ignore


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