Melissa, 43

San Diego, California, United States

Seeking Tea
Melissa, 43 of San Diego, California,  dating

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3 months ago

Melissa has been dating and sleeping with me on and off when she’s been home the last few years. Always asking for more than a call/friends. She’s been gone more than home and then I get a random text from a guy that got her number from her phone. Come to find out she’s been in a serious relationship with this guy. Her wanting a kid and marriage ect. She’s actually moved from San Diego to Indiana permanently now, got her set up with a career from being a party girl and lifelong server. The amount of lies she’s told him blows my mind but I’m happy it was me that didn’t fall for her and knew the story’s and red flags. Ppl know her and her reputation here in SD, this poor guy deserves to know… and now I’m legitimately curious.


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